The iCool recovery systems are based on pioneering recovery and endurance research and the technology developed from that research at the prestigious Australian Institute of Sport, plus years of field testing and the advice and support of many of Australia’s dedicated sporting coaches and sports medicine specialists involved in university based research programs.



The stress from heat alteration such as extreme exposure to cold is actually good for our health, athletic endurance, preventing muscle atrophy, increasing neurogenesis, improving learning and memory, and improving longevity. Cold showers can even be used to treat depression.


Exposure to cold releases norepinephrine into the brain, where it is involved in vigilance, focus, attention and mood. It has also its role in pain, metabolism and inflammation.


This response is mediated by the sympathetic nervous system (fight-or-flight). Norepinephrine can rise 200-300% with cold immersion.

Cold also activates cold thermogenesis, a way for the body to produce heat. The health benefits of cold thermogenesis are due to the activation of brown adipose tissue (BAT), a form of fat that burns regular fat for heat generation through fat oxidation.


This has mitochondrial effects in cranking out more ATP. The more mitochondria there are, the better our aerobic capacity will be. Cold exposure increases the number of mitochondria (mitochondrial biogenesis).


The more BAT you have, the better your body becomes in burning fat for energy. Fat loss benefits, anyone?


What are the benefits of hot/cold water contrast therapy?

Accelerated recovery after exercise

Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation

Reduce DOMS

Enhances metabolic adaptation

Exposing our bodies to stress that isn't physically exhausting

Converting white fat to brown fat


Ice baths have been found to constrict blood vessels, flush waste products and reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Once the tissue warms and there is an increase in blood flow, the healing process is jump started.


Whole body immersion in an ice bath is more beneficial than a concentrated area with a localised ice pack.

The release of more norepinephrine which can lead to feeling good, staying sharp and learn more easily as well as a strong anti-inflammatory.


There are also significant benefits of exposing your body to other stresses you would not normally encounter. It is a very uncomfortable obstacle that your mind has to get through before you even get in. But trust us, the feeling afterward is definitely worth it.


Please make sure you don't have any open wounds, diagnosed with poor circulation, or feeling any cold and flu symptoms.

You will be required to have a shower before using our hot and cold pools. 


Our cold pool can be set to any temperature you like. Normally it will be run at 12 degrees and the hot bath will be 38 degrees. Please let us know if you would like us to change these and we can find a time to accommodate your request. 

Please bring swimming clothes and a towel. We have towels for hire at reception.


Please note that if you would like a private session please contact us before booking your session. It is an open area where we take bookings of 6 people at a time so unless you book the same time as your friends, you might be with another person.