Regular treatment using infrared energy can benefit our health and wellbeing in dozens of ways. Here are just the basics.​

Relieves the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and fibromyalgia

Helps muscles recover faster

Removes toxins naturally

Burns up to 600 calories in 30 mins

Promotes beautiful, youthful skin

Strengthens cardiovascular system and boosts immune system

Improves sleep quality


All saunas work by inducing thermal stress on the body—but what, exactly, does this accomplish?


There are several biological responses, which include increased heart rate and perspiration. Also, a sufficient amount of heat affects the body’s protein metabolism process—essential in all living things.


A special kind of protein—technically referred to as heat shock proteins—actually respond only to cellular stress caused by heat.


So, by inducing heat stress on the body, these special proteins become activated—which leads to some interesting health benefits very similar to those gained through physical exercise.


We recommend spending at least 30 minutes in our sauna to start with. You can stay in there longer if you feel you need it!


Fewer clothes are better in the sauna. Please make sure you bring 2 towels to sit on and soak up the sweat. We recommend swim clothes for both male and female to get the most exposure on your skin.


Please note you can make it as private as you like. Our sauna can fit up to 4 people in there but you will never be put in the same sauna as someone you don't know.


Participants in one study sat for a 30-minute sauna treatment after 13 work sessions over the course of 3 weeks.


At the end of the study, these participants experienced an increase of 32% in performance tests compared with those who didn’t use the sauna!


While the majority of benefits from saunas are related to increased cardiovascular function, other studies have demonstrated benefits like improvement in chronic fatigue, decreased depression, and helping your body clear toxins.


As you can see, saunas have some pretty amazing health benefits!​