The TheraGun G3PRO is a professional-grade percussive therapy device that gives you a deep tissue massage in a matter of seconds. Relieve tension, knots, spasms, tightness and pain in a full body 10-minute massage.

What are the benefits of TheraGun Percussive Therapy?

Natural, pill-free pain relief

Target each muscle group for 2 minutes to decrease post-workout soreness

Prevents and breaks up adhesions

Improves muscle coordination and mobility to prevent injury 

Relieves muscle spasms and replenishes energy through more hydrated muscles

Better sleep

Promotes better posture and body awareness 

Relieves body soreness from travel and jet-lag

Assists stretching in your daily routine


Professional-grade percussive therapy combines the science of our 16 mm amplitude, frequency, and torque - the essential triad required to relieve pain, improve movement, and aid in recovery.


The G3PRO uses these three principles to speak to your body in a language it can understand.


Our proprietary 16 mm amplitude provides deep muscle relief, and overall recovery, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.


The G3PRO operates at a frequency of 2400 RPMs, the optimal calibration for encouraging the Gate Control Theory of Pain - essentially overriding your brain’s response to pain.


With a high-quality industrial-grade motor, the G3PRO can withstand up to 60lbs of pressure. Without stalling.


Physician calibrated therapy combines the science of 16mm of amplitude (the distance the head travels) as well as frequency and torque to relieve pain, improve movement and aid in recovery.


The speed at which the head travels- 40 times per second is effective at inhibiting the Golgi tendon reflex (GTR) which are the receptors in your muscles protecting them from over stretching.


Just like a deep tissue massage, the TheraGun inhibits these receptors and thus allows the muscle to relax and release and provide a greater range of motion.