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Improves lymphatic, circulatory, and digestive systems

Contrast water therapy

Hot then cold then hot then cold

Experience an Ice-Bath to help soothe sore muscles, boost your metabolism and improve your immune system, sleep better and improve sports performance.

What is Contrast water therapy – Ice Bath/ hot bath?
Hot & Cold-Water Therapy is also known as Contrast Therapy or Cold and Hot Water Immersion. Contrast water therapy is a series of brief, repeated immersions in water, alternating between warm and cold temperatures. It activates the body’s natural healing powers that can relieve symptoms of many conditions and promote a sense of health and well-being. Our supersized hot and cold plunge pools can be used separately or together as part of your wellness and recovery routine. Using the latest technology with touch screen features and cooling systems, we maintain each pool at the exact temperature required for optimal recovery.

Contrast therapy works on the concept of vasodilatation (which occurs in the heat) and vasoconstriction (which occurs in the cold). Combine the ice bath and hot bath as a sequence protocol, can create circulation to increase blood flow for powerful recovery and other health benefits. Our contrast ice bath and hot bath temperatures are closely monitored for maximum benefits that have been scientifically proven for effectiveness.
What are the benefits of using Contrast Water Therapy ice bath / hot bath?
When you immerse yourself in an ice bath, the cold exposure causes your blood vessels to constrict. These vessels rapidly dilate when removed from the cold water, flushing out metabolic waste products and increasing blood flow. Furthermore, the hydrostatic pressure of being submerged in water can assist with the removal of waste products that build up in the muscles from exercise, and also increase nutrient delivery to muscles to assist with replenishment.

With hot water immersion pretty much the opposite happens. Cardiac output and heart rate increases and blood vessels vasodilate (widen), blood also flows closer to the surface of the skin. As a result, cellular, lymphatic and capillary vessels widen and permeability is increased. Increased permeability increases nutrient delivery and waste removal from the cells which can increase healing. Other proposed benefits of thermotherapy include increased muscle elasticity, joint mobility and again a reduction in pain perception and muscle tension.

There are many and varied benefits of both ice bath and hot bath or contrast water therapy which include;

More focus and mental clarity

What to expect when using Contrast Water Therapy ice-bath / hot bath at Recovery Science?
Our Ice bath & hot bath therapy pools are suitable for everyone. Our team will be on hand to provide guidance on pool protocols based on your individual needs. Submerging your whole body as you get into the ice bath will help you get the most out of your experience. The total-body dip exposes the whole body, thyroid and back of the neck to the cold, which elicits a more dramatic maximal hormonal response. After the initial dip, you can also dip your face in periodically throughout the plunge, which continues to send a dramatic message into the nervous system, ensuring that you get the benefits that you are after. Remember to breathe through your nose throughout and remind yourself that it all gets easier after the first minute.

Contrast Water therapy is truly an enjoyable practice—one that you can build a very pleasant relationship with. It isn’t meant to be torture, and it’s important to respect and appreciate it for all the benefits it can bring you.
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