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Percussion therapy


Reduce pain & increase blood flow

Experience Theragun Percussion Therapy to perform better, recover faster and relieve tension and pain for whole-body relief.

What is Theragun Massage Therapy?
Whether you’re an athlete, or a person who needs relief from tension and pain, Theragun provides a breakthrough, natural approach to improving your physical health. Percussive massage can help you perform better, recover faster, and relieve tension and pain for whole-body relief.

Theragun is a professional percussive therapy device that is powerful, quiet, and easy to use. This top-of-the-line deep muscle treatment will help you reduce muscle soreness and improve mobility.

Everyone can benefit from percussive therapy. Whether you have sore muscles from training or a tight back from sitting at a desk all day, adding it to your recovery routine can achieve significant results regarding muscle relaxation and repair.

The Theragun is a lightweight, battery operated, easy to use muscle treatment device that increases blood flow, decreases lactic acid and interrupts the pain cycle. Created for athletes or anyone with muscle pain. The Theragun uses a strong percussive force on the muscle that creates intense blood flow to help the muscle recover without the pain normally associated with deep muscle treatment. The triangular shape of the massage gun is ergonomically sound and perfectly weighted to allow the user to treat themselves or others.
What are the benefits of using Theragun Massage Therapy?
Not just for serious athletes, Theragun was created to help everyday people find quick and lasting relief from everyday ailments. From treating knots and sore muscles to workout recovery, this device was designed with you in mind.

Percussive therapy, also known as percussion therapy, is a form of soft tissue manipulation intended to reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion. It is a deep muscle treatment that delivers rapid and long vertical strokes into the muscle, causing neuromuscular response.

In general, the Theragun has been known to:

Live better for longer

What to expect when using the Theragun at Recovery Science?
Theragun works by delivering a unique combination of targeted deep-tissue massage, at a high-speed frequency, with the ability to apply sufficient force to the area. Every Theragun reaches 16 mm into your muscle, increasing circulation. This supports your body’s ability to repair and helps you feel better. Each device touches and retracts away from the body 40 times per second (per second!), a precise calibration that distracts the brain away from pain while also delivering deep, effective treatment.

Percussive therapy has many benefits beyond just immediate tension relief, including hydrating your muscle tissue, improving mobility, decreasing lactic acid, increasing blood flow, and decreasing muscle soreness and stiffness.
You need to try Theragun percussive therapy!
Make Recovery Science part of your daily and weekly recovery protocol to help boost your performance and overall health and wellbeing.
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