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More focus and mental clarity

Corporate Wellness

Team building – increase productivity

Recovery Science in Fortitude Valley offers Corporate Wellness and employee wellbeing services; key to boosting immunity, productivity and optimising health, wellbeing and performance.

Why is employee wellbeing and corporate wellness a priority?
Making employee wellbeing one of your top priorities is more important now than ever before. To put ‘wellbeing’ simply: it’s how we’re doing. It encompasses all the factors that affect us and the experiences we face both in a working environment and personal.

With more than a third of our lives spent at work, its effects on wellbeing can be vast and they go on long after the working day is done. That’s why, no matter where they are based, businesses have a duty of care over their employees.

With burnout and stress continuing to rise, it’s becoming clear that a business must commit time and energy to make sure they’re doing everything they can to help their people stay happy and healthy. Not just for the sake of their people, but for the success of their businesses too.
Boost productivity by looking after employee wellbeing with our Corporate Wellness programs.
Supporting employees to deliver at a superior standard while minimising health impacts associated with pressures of their role, will undoubtedly give companies the competitive edge they need. One enabler of creating this edge is through wellness and mastering ones physiological state. This is supported by increasing evidence in literature, which suggest the following powerful benefits:

More focus and mental clarity

Recovery Science Corporate Wellness programs are your competitive edge
Recovery Science is Brisbane’s leading recovery destination. We believe wellness and recovery are key to living a healthy lifestyle and optimising health, wellbeing and performance. Based in Fortitude Valley, we offer a carefully selected range of services that utilise the latest techniques backed by science and research to help you and your team reach optimum health and wellbeing.

We can tailor wellness packages for employees and deliver programs that suit your needs and goals. All of our programs have injury prevention, health maximisation and wellness improvement elements, which support your employees in reaching their optimal. health and wellness. This not only improves physical performance in their role, but it increases mental resilience and reduces psychological claims relating to stress and burnout.
Sleep routines for recovery and energy
Breathing techniques to destress
Mobility routines
Exercise habits
Nutrition for an energetic day
Habits for high performance

Strong Team and Sense of Community in the Workplace:

Collaboration Culture

Healthy Motivated and Creative Team Members:

Empowered Employees

Low Stress and Low Employee Turnover:

Employee Workplace Satisfaction

Science meets wellness

Build your team productivity
We offer a carefully selected range of recovery services that utilise the latest techniques backed by science and research;







Contact us today to tailor your corporate wellness experience and boost your employee health and wellbeing.
The Recovery Science Corporate wellness packages exist to support your employees in boosting immunity, health and wellbeing. Investing in employee wellbeing will ultimately pay dividends in the form of increased productivity, morale, and team camaraderie
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