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Maximising performance

Sporting Teams & Clubs

Recover faster – go for longer

Recovery Science have the world’s best recovery techniques backed by science to optimise overall health and wellbeing and maximising performance.

How does your team maintain optimal performance?
Making employee wellbeing one of your top priorities is more important now than ever before. To put ‘wellbeing’ simply: it’s how we’re doing. It encompasses all the factors that affect us and the experiences we face both in a working environment and personal.

With more than a third of our lives spent at work, its effects on wellbeing can be vast and they go on long after the working day is done. That’s why, no matter where they are based, businesses have a duty of care over their employees.

With burnout and stress continuing to rise, it’s becoming clear that a business must commit time and energy to make sure they’re doing everything they can to help their people stay happy and healthy. Not just for the sake of their people, but for the success of their businesses too.
Good Recovery. Better Performance!
At Recovery Science we believe proper recovery is the missing link to enhance training, minimize injury, and optimize performance. It is now well-established that optimum recovery after practice or match is a key factor of team sport performance. During season and tournaments, improving recovery could offer an advantage for following performance.

Proper recovery after training and competition allows athletes to return to their normal physiological state as rapidly as possible. Our recovery services are employed by athletes so that performance in their next competition or training session will not be unduly compromised by muscle soreness and/or fatigue giving them a competitive advantage.

Recover faster & increase performance

Recovery Science provides recovery modalities to enhance performance,
treat and prevent injuries
We offer a carefully selected range of recovery services that utilise the latest techniques backed by science and research







Strong Team and Sense of Community in the Workplace:

Collaboration Culture

Healthy Motivated and Creative Team Members:

Empowered Employees

Low Stress and Low Employee Turnover:

Employee Workplace Satisfaction
Sporting Teams & Clubs
Make Recovery Science part of your team or clubs weekly recovery protocol to help maximise performance and reduce injury risk.
Let us take responsibility for your teams' recovery, remembering that recovery aids performance and isn’t only meant for professional or elite athletes! Our services can be provided to your club pre or post game or during the week at an allocated set time weekly. We work with teams individually to ensure they receive a cost-effective approach to their recovery program.

We have catered to both grass roots level clubs and elite teams including; Manly Sea Eagles, Sydney Roosters and the Warriors.
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